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This dirt–poor redneck is now so rich, he just bought his own private jet. He’s completely set for life, works when he feels like it (and only on projects that give him pleasure), and hasn’t touched a wrench or lifted the hood of a car for years.

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Ron LeGrand, Millionaire Maker

Ron LeGrand,
Millionaire Maker

I know this...because that redneck is me. My Name is Ron LeGrand and I'm the nations leading Quick Turn Real Estate expert.

And guess what?

I’ve now taught several thousand other people, all over the country, how to get rich the same way I did. Buying real estate with no money, no professional help, and no credit. And none of these people are any smarter or any better situated than you are right now.

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Ron LeGrand, the nation's leading Quick Turn Real Estate expert, has recorded an absolutly amazing CD called "How To Make A Fortune In A Slow Real Estate Market." This FREE CD will reveal how you can make a boatload of cold hard cash in in today's troubled Real Estate market...Click Here To Order Now

What Will I Learn From Listening
To This 60 Minute FREE CD?

  • The most common mistakes for all investors to avoid when buying and selling.

  • How to create a $10,000 paycheck within the first 30 days in business without ever owning a house.

  • Low-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you and pre-screening tools so you only deal with the most motivated of the batch.  And how to pre-screen them in less than two minutes.

  • Why houses don’t sell and why most are people problems easily fixed.

  • The art of making an offer on a single-family house.  It took me ten years to perfect this simple system that prevents failure and keeps you from making mistakes.

...and many more time-tested millionaire making secrets straight from the nation's leading Quick Turn Real Estate expert and his 20+ years of in-the-trenches real world experience. Click Here To Order Now

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So Ron, Why Are You Giving Away This CD for FREE?

I offer this free, no hassle CD because every new student success story I help create makes me just that much more famous. And that fame means more credibility to people who don’t know me yet.

And, I’ll be honest with you. Helping people get rich also helps me–because, every so often, these free CDs turn up someone with the kind of fire I’m looking for in a partner. Finding just one person who can quickly learn the ropes, and who agrees to let me structure, negotiate and in some cases fund their projects, is worth another small fortune to me.

This is what I call a win-win deal, and that's a big part of the principles behind what I teach about real estate investment.

So while you win just by learning these money-making real estate secrets...I win too, sometimes. I’m always hunting for people to work with, because I’ve got more money than I’ve got time, and there are an amazing number of opportunities for fast real estate fortunes, especially in today's foreclosure market. Click Here To Order Now!

What Else Do I Receive With My CD Order?

When you order your CD, you will receive five (4) bonus giftsworth a total of $369 which includes a special report and video download, strategy session, and my e-newsletter...all FREE. Click Here To Order Now!

  • Bonus Gift #1: Free Special Report - "How To Make A Fortune In Today's Troubled Real Estate Market." Inside this special report I’ll show you several ways you can be in a lovely home in an area of your choice, with payments you’ll love, with little or no cash required, no banks and no credit. (Value $37)

  • Bonus Gift #2: Free One-on-One Strategy Session with one of my hand-picked Success Counselors - Free 30-Minute "Real Estate Millionaire Intensive Fast Start Phone Strategy Session!" (Value $400)

  • Bonus Gift #3: You'll be entitled to a FREE membership in my "Millionaire Maker Newsletter." This by itself is worth $200 per year. (Value $200)

  • Bonus Gift #4: Ron LeGrand's "League of Extraordinary Millionaires" instant video download. (Value $57)

Total Bonus Value: $369.00
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Normally we would charge $24.95 for this CD but here’s the good news, We're offering it to you for FREE, just pay $4.77 shipping and handling. There’s no obligation. All we ask you to do is listen, learn and start making money that you have always dreamed about. Listen carefully, because you’ll learn secrets about making HUGE profits in real estate...which will amaze you!

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Free Real Estate CDThis CD is sent to you FREE.

All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable
$4.77 for shipping and handling.

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